Mastering Mindful Spending.

Mastering Mindful Spending.

Mastering Mindful Spending: A Guide for Navigating Sale Season Overwhelm

 Have you heard of Mindful Spending? It's the practice of Thoughtful Purchases, and if you're feeling the SALE season overwhelm, like a lot of us are,  Mindful Spending is here to rescue you (and your hard-earned savings). 

So, amid the chaos of the SALE season, where discounts abound and temptation lurks, it's important to check in on spending and our responsibilities as consumers.

"Will KAMARA go on sale?" is a regular question we hear.  The short answer is Yes, but we don't discount carelessly; it doesn't happen often; and we encourage Mindful Spending

KAMARA successfully avoids mindless discounting and dangerous consumerism, but we're also realistic that SALES are sometimes unavoidable and can offer the buyer benefits to personalised needs.

The good news is we're here to provide guidance on Mindful Spending and Thoughtful Purchases, even amid the SALE frenzy that comes at us from what feels like everywhere throughout the year at certain times.

Tips to Embrace Mindful Spending with your fave brands:

  • Make a list and stick to it - Shopping with a purpose keeps you focused and less overwhelmed.
  • Prioritise quality - Opt for purchases that stand the test of time, extending beyond the allure of seasonal discounts.
  • Do your research - Hunt for items you genuinely need, resisting the pull of flashy discounts.
  • Support small where possible - Small brands are likely taking a bigger cut to margins and disappear beside the larger brands’ campaigns. 
  • Shop with sustainability-focused brands - Keep the “do-gooders” doing good.  Shop from brands dedicated to making a positive impact.
  • Chill - Regret rarely accompanies a decision made with a clear mind.

Remember, missing out isn't the end of the world. By practicing Mindful Spending, you not only protect your energy but also contribute to a planet-friendly shopping experience. Good for you x